Lullaby: poetry by Dana Teen Lomax

anxiety is a birthright

the bridge falling, tilting and violent
mom, i’m on a boat & it’s sinking

the shaky take-off, odd fuselage

bing-bong, bing-bong, the belt and the latch

crawling bugs consuming the bed
All staunch legs and dark shells

the rapid heartbeat

the fear of losing JL even in memory
Stains over his chest fading

america perched in an unnatural tree–
danger in what we push away

teaching a repertoire of magic
a thrown voice, coin out of the ear
spells & leprechauns, santa’s bigass red
faeries to be queen of

you ask which is real
and what’s pretend
the ripple of belief, believing

onomatopoeia is every word
sound itself
Houdini’s indictment of physics
tree achoo spindle dread

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