Frustrated by Jess Rodriguez Williams

From Transcendence (issue 18), released April 28th at Octopus Literary Salon in downtown Oakland.


Frustrated by the constraints of my mind,
the fact that i walk in the room and gotta command space, cuz according to colonization, space ain’t rightfully mines

the fact that patriarchy got me fucked up, telling girls in saudi arabia that they can’t go to school, tellin my home grrrls in the barrio that their worth ain’t nothing unless their stomach is baby full

promoting marriage and child rearing amongst young low income women of color, as opposed to tellin us that we can grasp a higher conscious, and that we have the capacity to inspire another

it’s always someone else’s problem, fault and excuse that allows for women to put another woman’s capacity aside,
you say you on another level but full of conscious “woke” pride

i got normalized delusions living under white supremacy, cuz if i be addressing every single injustice i see, these people don’t know what they get when they mess with me

when they fuck with the strength that is women of color and our flow
it take them all but a second longer glance to see what wisdom we got, that others won’t ever know.

Jess will be one of the featured readers at the event. Please join us to hear her poem in its entirety.

Jess Rodriguez Williams is a queer, Colombian and Mexican mix, first generation high school graduate, whose life is dedicated to radical, decolonized activism and intergenerational healing. Jess’s pride for being a radical, low income, intersectional feminist, means power to and representation of marginalized communities.

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