Kimberly Perette, Editor-in-chief

Kimberly considers herself a maverick, which means an unorthodox or independent-minded person or an unbranded calf or yearling. She prefers the first definition.

A writer, an architect and historian, an artist, and most recently, a musician, she is fascinated with juxtapositions like positive and negative, beauty and ugly, sublime and repulsive, black and white, reality and fantasy; and with the notion of the “other” and what it means to be human. She is also a bit obsessed with simulation theory. Kimberly currently spends her time between pursuing an MFA degree in prose and literary journalism at Mills College and launching five80split into the on-line universe.

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Brea Watts is a baker, brand builder and blogger who comes from East Oakland, where the youngsters get hyphy. When she’s not managing digital media for clients, she’s at Mills College pursuing her MFA in Poetry. She is a story-teller with a goal to challenge the perception of Black women in media. Find her @thebrentwork. #BreToldYou