five80split is lovingly published by graduate students of the English Department at Mills College.

Managing Editor:

Michelle Kicherer is a writer working in Oakland, CA. She is completing her second year MFA and her first novel.



Executive Editor:

Jennifer Hart is a writer and artist living in Oakland, CA












Fiction Editor:

Gwendolyn Schulte once spawned a runaway readership of over half a million hits in the sweaty underworld of Harry Potter fanfiction. Though since reformed, Gwen lives and breathes for innovations in user-generated content to this day. She can’t wait for an invitation to the next great frontier of the imagination.


Poetry Editor:

Brea Watts is a baker, brand builder and blogger who comes from East Oakland, where the youngsters get hyphy. When she’s not managing digital media for clients, she’s at Mills College pursuing her MFA in Poetry. She is a story-teller with a goal to challenge the perception of Black women in media. Find her @thebrentwork. #BreToldYou